Church is Killing My Vibe…

I’m changing the way I live my life because it dawned on me that I actually like sitting around the table and on people’s couches, laughing and debating and eating and well… Just living life. I no longer intend to live life based on the assumption that people can’t be trusted because doing so robs me of the gift of getting know people, and creating memories, and cool stories. It sucks and is kind of sad and embarrassing that church has made me skeptical of creating community when thats the very purpose for which it was created… To build community right?. 4 years, nearly 7000 members, and I can count on one hand the number of meals I’ve shared away from church with members who weren’t clergy. You won’t believe this but I’ve actually only ever been invite to the home of probably maybe 3 members. Ever. Period. Either I’m a prick ( which is highly possible) or I’m intimidating ( which is laughable) or I just really need to be more intentional about saying to people that I wanna do life with you and whether that means having you over at my ghetto penthouse in pg county or sitting on your floor eating stale popcorn from a tin can and drinking semisweet kool aide … I wanna live my life differently with cool people who like to eat and argue and drink wine and talk about Jesus and Marion berry and church growth and politics and how to get cheaper cable.. Let’s do life together. Inbox me. ( disclaimer: no we can’t marry, no we can’t have sex, and no I will not pass a message to my boss … Well I’ll think about the message but the other stuff.. Naw! ) let’s live it up! — thanks to the “perfect host” for a banging dinner last night !!!! 1 down many more to go!

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