A Wuss or A Warrior

This past Sunday, Pastor preached a really dope message on stewardship from Matthew 25. ( it was only dope in the sense that it was well prepared and well executed… not in the sense that it made me feel good… im actually still binge drinking Southern Peach Calypso and planning to go buy another case to help me cope.. but keep reading.) Most of the sermon dealt with the guy who received one talent and buried it. Pastor offered some ideas about why the man buried the talent: he compared himself to others, he made excuses, and he was lazy. (I did all these at least once just yesterday.. help me JESUS!) Today, I reread the passage in the cool kid bible (aka the Message bible ) and something in the passage arrested my attention: The dude with the one talent was basically A WUSS, A COWARD, A SCAREDY CAT. Matt 5:25 ( in the cool kid bible) says that Mr. Wuss offers this excuse: “ I was afraid I might disappoint you, so I found a good hiding place to secure your money.” … translated: I was scared , so I hid it. Soooooooooooo yeah. CONVICTED. C.o.n.v.i.c.t.e.d. I can’t tell you how true this has been in my life- that because of people’s opinions, or people’s reactions, or the possibility of success and therefore more responsibility, or the possibility that the idea will ACTUALLY work but people will find out that I really have no clue what the heck I’m doing so then idea will stop working… that basically like the dude in the parable, Im a WUSS of sorts… maybe not a total wuss but easily 23.73% Wuss. The shameful reality is that, in my own life, just like this man, I’ve been afraid to … take risks. I’ve played it safe. I’ve made excuses about why not and run from the possibilities of what could be. In some major ways, I’ve buried the Master’s wealth. Maybe not in every area of my life but definitely in more areas than Im proud to admit. Smh smh smh …

I used to think that the Master was harsh for taking the one talent from Mr. Wuss but it hit me today: The Master took a risk on Mr. Wuss and Mr. Wuss didn’t return the favor. It is in fact true that God through Christ has taken incredible risks on us. No he really did. Think about it: God really had no assurance that we’d accept the salvation he was offering… in fact, lots of people decline it everyday. God has no real assurance that when he goes out on a limb to bless us, that 1. We’ll be grateful for it or 2. We’ll use the blessings for things that honor him. And do I even really need to mention the risk that Jesus took by putting his life and body and prestige on the line for people who, after they say yes to the gift of salvation, still punk out from taking the comparatively small, mundane risks, he’s calling us to take… The reality is that God didn’t give us gifts and talents and favor and grace to play it safe…In fact, the last thing, Im sure God expects from us is that we’ll become grave diggers of our destiny who make a life of burying the things we should actually be breathing life in to. (please… a moment of silence for the dreams we’ve buried alive.)

The cool kid bible closes the story like this: “Take the thousand and give it to the one who risked the most. And get rid of the “play-it-safe” who wont go out on a limb. Throw him out into utter darkness…”

So let us pray: Dear God, give me the courage not to play it safe. Forgive me for being a wuss when you’ve called me to be a warrior. Please. Thanks. Help!!! Amen.

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