Snow:Divine Disinfectant

I really hate being inconvenienced. .. so much so that almost as  a rule, I refrain from  doing things that could  lead to my being inconvenienced.   I  usually don’t ride with other people, crash at other people’s house’s, borrow other people things, etc… As  you can imagine then, having to sit around for days due an untimely and routine altering blizzard has been somewhat of a challenge… no .. actually its been a serious challenge.


As I stood looking out of my patio window at the wintry war zone created by the mountains and mountains of snow, I couldn’t help but  think about how spoiled I am, how spoiled we are.  Here I am obsessing about being trapped in my warm, nicely furnished penthouse (of sorts) due to an inconvenient snow storm when people just south of here in Haiti are dealing with a much more dramatic and devastating interruption.  Mountains of snow pale incomparison to mountains of bodies.  Pouting because I must shovel  snow for  a few hours to clear a parking space is quite trivial to having to walk miles each day for food, water, and sanity. Even my disdain for the crappy tv programming seems painfully immature in the face of living with no power, no plumbing, and no proof of any speedy return to life as it was known.

I don’t know what God was  trying to prove  through SNOWPOCALYPSE 2010 but one is for sure: I’m sure glad that he sent this gentle reminder of how fortunate I am to be the  recipient of such choice blessings as those that flood my life everyday. If a snow storm is all that God chooses to send to keep me grounded and appreciative and compassionate… then a snow storm and another snow storm and another storm  I am willing to endure.

Yesterday, one of my colleagues shared that his Mom says that God sends the snow to clean and purify the earth;  I’m glad that includes me too.

Thanks for the snow God. I really do get the point.

Signed- The Guy In the Red Fitted.

2 thoughts on “Snow:Divine Disinfectant

  1. If it’s the weather or just buying gas for your child to go to school sometime we just look at our world and no one else. It is good to step back and look at others and learn that we should be greatful and everything. I have the money to buy the gas so what the problem!!!

  2. Yes, due to our spurts of selfishness and complacency, we can not fathom God’s disgust per se. Once we realize that God is calling us to His level of excellency in Him, then life as we know it will cease to exist.

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